Dr. von Ber , Ph.D. coaches executives behind some of the world's most successful companies, big and small, as they pioneer new industries, disrupt others, design superior products and services, and bring them to market faster and at lower cost. She focuses on helping executives in the areas of decision-making, corporate politics, executive presence, strategic & tactical decision-making models.

As progression is vital for enduring success, risks and obstacles may abound. Dr. von Ber assists in bringing passion, skills and energy to startups and family businesses by making your mark, gaining credibility across diverse sectors while implementing new strategies. 

Dr. von Ber serves as President & CEO of the Ambassadorial Roundtable, an organization which connects diplomacy, foreign governments with the private sector in Cybersecurity, AI, IOT, IT, Academia and Healthcare. Her C-suite experience includes President of World Affairs Councils, San Diego & Rancho Bernardo (International Affairs), CEO Club Le Monde (Manufacturing), President La Jolla Institute ( Behavioral Healthcare ).  

Dr. von Ber holds degrees in American Government (Harvard Kennedy School) a Ph.D.in Clinical Psychology and Business Administration with specialization in Leadership & Contract Law ( Harvard Law School & UCSD). Amongst her several academic appointments, she serves as Doctoral Leadership Faculty and Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University, faculty at the University of California, San Diego, Rady School of Management, and faculty at San Diego State University. Presently Dr. von Ber serves on the Board of Trustees of the Orange County World Affairs Council, and Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Press Club. She is multicultural and speaks seven languages. 

In the healthcare field, in addition to delivering comprehensive, multi-modal, behavioral healthcare services, she pioneered many national and international treatment programs, startup and turnkey operations which focused the treatment of stress management, anxiety, PTSD and  on promoting mental health and cultural diversity.  She co-developed and designed the first inpatient, cognitive- behavioral, all women’s treatment program in Southern California treating affective disorders, eating disorders and addictions. Later she served as CEO and clinical director of the busy La Jolla Institute for Psychotherapy which offered military personnel and an international clientele outpatient treatment, help with marital issues, affective & personality disorders, addictions and psychological assessments along with lectures, seminars and continuing education 

Dr. von Ber works with start-ups and Fortune 500 leaders helping them develop talent, lead innovation, disruption and maximize accountability across the organization while minimizing spending. 

October 22nd 2017 the San Diego Press Club awarded  Dr. von Ber prizes in 3 categories for Excellence in Journalism 

Services are offered in German, English, French.

Areas of practice


Executive coaching is a process that empowers leaders, start-up CEOs & Founders, and teams to move forward faster. She coaches leaders in the areas of executive presence; power, influence & charisma; corporate politics; and decision-making. She works with start-ups and large corporations.

With 20 years of experience as a German, global coaching pioneer on both sides of the Atlantic, licensed clinical psychologist and CEO of  several companies, Dr. von Ber  has assisted corporate leaders with everything from post-merger integration and change management to on-site training and conflict resolution. With her extensive education, academic research, professional training, international coaching and real-world experience, Dr. von Ber is uniquely qualified to help her clients create lasting change. Her articles and  quotes have appeared  in major national and international publications such as the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. .


  • Achieve goals more quickly and efficiently
  • Make faster and more effective decisions
  • Remove  barriers to individual, professional, and company growth
  • Gain awareness of new opportunities, solutions, and resources
  • Increase focus on the areas most important to your life, career, and business
  • Reduce stress through achieving goals and breaking through barriers
  • Cope with spouts of depression
  • Built healthy relationships
  • Enhance your communication


Dr. von Ber has worked with executives and their teams committed to disruptive innovations, high performance coaching going beyond their past successes in diverse cultures and industries. She has led successful leadership development and organizational transformation efforts for Fortune 500 companies in Europe, Latin America, United States and Southeast Asia, has worked with  leading business schools in the design and implementation of new programs to address leadership challenges and entrepreneurship.

No time is waisted!  Dr. von Ber  uses state of the art technology and online platforms to work with clients,  directly from their office, while travelling or conducting meetings.  

All sessions can be scheduled   conveniently via the internet from the comfort of your home, your  office or  when you are on the road.

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